My body is nobody’s business but mine 

So don’t hold me 

to standards I haven’t agreed to

thinking it harmless 

to tell me that I look 




like well done me, 

I’m getting closer 

to that goal you assume 

I must be aspiring to. 

But let me tell you, 

the ebb and flow of my body 

may be visible to the naked eye 

but that doesn’t make it fodder 

for small talk. 

My body is not an announcement 

that invites public comment. 

It is a small, private universe 

with me as its queen. 

And I am allowed to let it be 

as round or

as lean or

as strong or

as big or

as small or

as soft or

as tough 

as I want. 

Because regardless 

of whatever shape it might take

on any given day 

it is always 





Small Pleasures

I smile to myself 

as I plant my wide ass 

and thick thighs 

between two dudes

happily man-spreading 

on the subway.


He spends the whole day

sitting in his bed

lights on, eyes open 

a husk of a man. 

He only comes out 

to eat, shit, and smoke. 

In there, somewhere, 

there’s a story, 

but nobody cares what it is. 


The world bends 

at the curve of her arm 

and worships the grace of her neck. 

She is a soft vision 

blurred at the edges 

never still 

her skirt rustles 

her hair tumbles 

her hands look for

something to hold. 

A rose

blooming in her cheek. 

An ocean 

in the blue of her eyes. 

She possesses all the world’s beauty

and commands all of its love. 

No Poetry

I am so busy with work

& getting fit 

& eating healthy 

& doing chores 

& being social

& Netflix 

& PokemonGo 

All things that are a normal part

of responsible adult life. 

But the problem is, 

there is no poetry to be found within them. 

Break Up 


I don’t think this is working out. 

You seemed nice at first 

and I admit I have fun when we hang out,

but the more I get to know you,

the less and less I like you. 

You didn’t do anything wrong, 

not anything serious, 

but it’s the little things, you know? 

I guess I could just 

let it be-

politely reply to your messages

meet up for the occasional lunch 

send you a coupon on your birthday 

maybe a card at Christmas. 

But that’s not a real friendship, is it?

It’s just a waste 

of both our time. 

I know it seems brutal 

but it’s the right thing to do

because I know I’ll never love you. 


We all have something 

worth falling in love with 

so don’t sit around waiting for him

to figure out what you already know. 

Just go for it. 

Make it known 

that he’s the lucky one 

you’ve chosen to love you. 


I wonder if other people 

think about the people

who are no longer in their lives

as much as I think about 

the people whom 

I have no reason or right

to think about anymore. 

I wonder if they take the same pleasure

in summoning the ghosts 

of all the people they’ve ever loved.