My body is nobody’s business but mine 

So don’t hold me 

to standards I haven’t agreed to

thinking it harmless 

to tell me that I look 




like well done me, 

I’m getting closer 

to that goal you assume 

I must be aspiring to. 

But let me tell you, 

the ebb and flow of my body 

may be visible to the naked eye 

but that doesn’t make it fodder 

for small talk. 

My body is not an announcement 

that invites public comment. 

It is a small, private universe 

with me as its queen. 

And I am allowed to let it be 

as round or

as lean or

as strong or

as big or

as small or

as soft or

as tough 

as I want. 

Because regardless 

of whatever shape it might take

on any given day 

it is always 





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