It’s funny, sad, and fitting 

that these days I feel 

utterly drained 

of all my creative energy. 


The Physics of Love*

mass is in no way 

proportional to volume. 

that girl . . . 

a tiny little violet 

that girl . . . 

fluttering like a flower petal 

pulled me with a mass greater than that of the earth. 

for a moment, I 

like Newton’s apple 

fell recklessly toward her 

and landed with a thud 

thud, thud, I went 

my heart

kept swinging like a dizzy pendulum 

between heaven and earth 

this was my first love

* This poem is translated from the original Korean poem by Inyook Kim (김인육) featured on the TV Drama 도깨비 “Dokkaebi” (English title: Guardian: The Lonely and Great God).