Haiku #6 

Bare branches hang low 

heavy with fat buds that seem 

reluctant to bloom. 



You’ve only been gone four days

but I already feel myself 


without you. 


I walk furiously 

toward the sunset 

like I’m not running late for class

like that fiery star in the distance 

is my destination 

and that I’ll get there 


to be baptised by flames 

and be born again. 


Like a stubborn bride

the sky refuses to lift 

her thin white veil. 

How am I meant to wake up 

and live like the living 

when the whole city 

is suspended in a dreamlike haze? 


A roomful of hungry hearts 

tender for the touch

of something holy. 

We wait 

with arms raised 

for a floodlike love 

to wash us, carry us, 

and set us loose 

from this dark place 

this joyless race 

into everlasting light.